Bioline and Biocontrol Product Testimonials

I would like to commend Bioline on their fantastic support and guidance with our biological controls.

I have been using Bioline Agrosciences beneficials for a few years, and I am very pleased using their beneficials. The quality is a hundred percent good, and their technical support is excellent. They always visit us to check the crops with us to make sure all the beneficials are working well with our crops. Their overall service gets an A+ from me.

My team has been using Bioline Agrosciences beneficial’s for about five months, and we have seen great results. We definitely recommend their biocontrol products and service.

We are very pleased with the results and also very happy with the excellent service we receive from Bioline Agrosciences. The product line that Bioline offers has helped us also in some other pests we have in hoop houses (cages) in the field. We prefer Biological Control in order to prevent the creation of resistance that pests could develop against standard chemical molecules (insecticides). Additionally, by using Biological Control we don’t have to interrupt our work due to mandatory restrictions for reentry if we were to spray with pesticides. Bioline is our ideal business partner and supplier of excellent options to keep our greenhouses as free of pests and as clean as possible.