Biocontrol products cucumber crop

Biocontrols For Your Cucumber Crop

The most common pests that affect greenhouse cucumber crops are thrips, two spotted spidermites, whiteflies and black melon aphids. Other pest problems that occur are Loopers/Catepillars, lygus and cucumber beetles. BCA’s are excellent in preventing pest populations from getting established when they are released early in the crop cycle, ideally during propagation.

Pest Name

Scientific Name

Suitable Products

Thrips: Western Flower Thrips, Chili Thrips and other species

occidentalis and Scirtothrips

Two-spotted spider mites

Tetranychus urticea

Whitefly, Sweet
Potato or

vaporariorum and or
Bemisia tabaci

Aphids Black Melon

Aphis gossypii

Fungus gnats & Shore flies in cucumber
crops grown in organic or soil media

Bradysia spp &
Scatella spp.