Technical Sales Specialists

North America Technical Sales Specialists

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Tina Ziaei IPM Canada and USA

Tina Ziaei
(US & Canada West)
Technical Lead Specialist
(778) 288-0462

Tina has over 35 years experience in the Horticulture/Agriculture industry mainly in the area of biological control. In 2006, Tina started to work with The Bug Factory as Technical consultant and Technical Manager. Following the acquisition of The Bug Factory by Biobest in 2014, Tina became Biobest employee. In 2016 she was invited to Bioline Agrosciences to establish the company in west Canada starting from British Colombia. Bioline Agrosciences officially started processing orders and delivering products directly to greenhouses in BC since December 2016. Her qualifications and experiences in increasingly challenging roles complement her responsibilities outlined as a leader in IPM. Tina’s knowledge in pure (morphology, anatomy & systematic) and applied (pest control) entomology, a deep understanding of the Integrated Pest Management (IPM), and ongoing research and continued studies help growers with a convenient solution for their pest problem in a developing sustainable environment.

Ysidro IPM USA

Ysidro Muñoz
(North California, Nevada, Utah & Colorado)
Technical Sale Specialist
(805) 666-9050

Ysidro has over 20 years experience growing berries and other crops using an IPM management/fertility programing. Eight years in direct sales to growers and distributors. Here at Bioline he implemented strong work ethic and expertise in customer service, crop consulting, sales, and marketing development. Ysidro also contributes in helping the grower and company further their growth.

Technical Sales Specialist West Coast

Sebastien Delarue
(South California, Arizona & New Mexico)
Technical Sales Specialist
(778) 288-0462

Sebastien Delarue joined our commercial team in July 2019.  He previously held the role of sales and business development manager for 3 years, with Neovia (Invivo Group) and was based in Mexico. Since 2013 he has worked in agricultural and horticulture industries. Sebastien takes up the role of Technical Sales Specialist. He is an Istom Engineer, with specialty in International Agro-development.  He is responsible for South California & Arizona as main states of focus.

Jesus Mendez Technical Sales Specialist

Jesus Mendez
Technical Sales Specialist Assistant
(805) 986-8265

Jesus Mendez at an early age of 10 years old, started working with his father in the strawberry fields. He gathered extensive knowledge of on-field experience on farms, mechanical equipment, and team leader. In early 2015, he started working with a fertilizer company called Ultra Gro Plant Food as sales service assistant. In 2016 he got promoted to sale’s representative for the central valley of California, Central Coast of California and south of Oregon. Also, was given the opportunity at Bakersfield college to be part of their UC research on nematodes control for carrots and tomatoes. Till this day, he keeps a strong relationship with different advisors from UC Davis extension as well as big and small growers that are involved in this type of research. In January of 2019, he opened Bio-Nutre USA Inc. agriculture consultant company as well a fertilizer distribution on the west coast. He decided to close its company in August 2019 to pursue more challenging projects in the horticulture industry.

Brad IPM Canada

Brad Vandermey
(Canada West)
Technical Sales Specialist
(604) 404-2699

Brad from a young age was working in the family greenhouse operation called West Coast Growers.  Working in the soil room and general labor on weekends at age 13.  At 16 he moved on to 5 ton delivery truck driver and maintenance.  He left the family business for a while to pursue other ventures before returning back as a grower and eventual head grower.  As a head grower he developed the biocontrol program to replace the current chemical program.  Brad, eventually moved onto more of an administrative and sales role while still training the new seasonal growers and overseeing production.  In January of 2019 he accepted the position of Technical Sales Specialist at Bioline where he is able to apply his knowledge of biocontrol to helping others have a success with their programs.


Daryl IPM midwest USA

Daryl Johnson
(US Midwest)
Technical Sales Specialist
(551) 228-5979

Daryl Johnson is the Technical Sales Specialist for the mid-west region of the United States. Daryl is based out of his home town of Grand Haven Michigan. Growing up surrounded by wilderness and the Great Lakes, Daryl has a passion for plants and the environment. With an Associate degree in Ornamental Horticulture from Ferris State University and 14 years of experience in many facets of commercial production of annuals and perennials, Daryl understands the many challenges in pest control. With his understanding of the business and his passion for the environment, he uses his knowledge and experience combined with his team’s world-wide support to bring comprehensive bio-control strategies to current and future clients. Daryl says the best part of his position is that he gets to help provide healthy and effective pest control solutions to growers in many different environments from greenhouses to field production.

Chris Daye IPM Canada

Chris Daye
(East Canada and Northern East US)
Technical Sales Specialist
(365) 323-4997

Chris Daye has been in the IPM and bumblebee pollination industry for close to 20 years.  He started as a research assistant to a greenhouse entomologist, then managed the pollination and IPM of a 50 acre tomato and pepper greenhouse in Leamington, Ontario. He travelled and implemented successful IPM and pollination programs for greenhouse and open field crops in Costa Rica, Mexico, the United States and Canada over the 15 years he worked for Biobest.  More recently, he was the Senior IPM Technician for Beneficial Insectary, and is now a proud member of the Bioline Agroscience.

Nicolas IPM Canada

Nicolas Bertoni
(East US and East Canada)
Technical Sales Specialist
(905) 714-6919

Nicolas Bertoni is a Technical Sales Specialist for the eastern region of North America. His background in agriculture started in his hometown where he worked on several farms in his adolescence, including dairy, chicken, and vegetable farms. At 19, he attended the University of British Colombia to obtain a degree in agricultural sciences. He also obtained his BSc in Applied Biology at UBC where he majored in agroecology. Learning about the Best Management Practices for pest management in agriculture, he quickly formed a liking for biological control and more natural means of controlling agricultural pests. Nicolas was able to expand the experience gained at UBC where he began working as an IPM specialist for an ornamental nursery in Abbotsford, BC. Here he was responsible for control of pests using biological organisms, and generating a specific IPM program that combined the responsible use of biologicals in conjunction with other methods of control. From there he joined the Bioline team in North America in November of 2018 where he has the opportunity to apply his knowledge and experience in biological pest control to help others obtain their own balanced level of pest mitigations.