Cut Flowers

Gerbera Flower, Cut Flower

Biocontrols For Your Cut Flowers Crop

Individual species or varieties may only suffer from one or two of the pests listed below, while others suffer from a wider range of pests. There may also be pests, specific to some cut flowers, which are listed below. Sensitivity to pests is also high because of the stringent aesthetic criteria applied by flower markets and customers.

Pest Name

Scientific Name

Suitable Products

Western Flower Thrips,
Chili Thrips and other species

Frankliniella occidentalis,
Scirtothrips dorsalis

Fungus gnats & Shore flies

Bradysia spp.

Aphids (small spp.): Green peach, black
melon, tobacco aphid

Aphis gossypii, Myzus
persicae, Myzus nicotianae

Aphids (larger spp.):
Potato, foxglove aphid

Macrosiphum euphorbiae,
Aulacorthum solani

Two -spotted spider mites

Tetranychus urticae


Liriomyza trifolii

Broad mites

Polyphagotarsonemus latus

Sweetpotato, greenhouse whiteflies

Trialeurodes vaporariorum
and/or Bemisia tabaci