Trapline t+, Pheromone trappingTrapline t+, Pheromone trapping

Trapline T+ (Trapping)

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Trapline t+ includes specific colour, patterning, adhesive and attraction pheromone to increase control of Western Flower Thrips in soft fruits, vegetables and flowers grown in greenhouses. Curious to find out more? We’ve collected the key points of our research…

Target Crops » Vegetables, Ornamentals & Berries
Target Pest » Thrips
Target Life Stage » Adult
Delivery Systems » Tubes

Colour Matrix

  • Opting for this specific shade of blue was influenced by the colours ability to maximise thrips catches by an impressive 53-87% in greenhouses.

Visual Pattern

  • A pattern that optimises the catch rate of Western Flower Thrips and Thrips major by up to 25% according to UK field trials in Strawberries, 2015.


  • Using a specially formulated thermostable glue allows Trapline t+ to be more effective, as it’s able to perform in temperatures as low as 10°C and as high as 85°C.

Attraction pheromone

  • The incorporation of Thripline pheromone in the glue maximises the attraction of Western Flower Thrips. In fact, UK trials in Strawberries revealed the thrip catch increased by 30-100%. Plus, Microencapsulation of the pheromone ensures release for more than 5 weeks.