Bugfood vialBugfood vial

Bugfood E (Ephestia kuehniella)

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BugFood E

Bugfood is a supplementary feed designed to maximise the strength of your preventative control programs.

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Key Features

  • Top quality insect feed from the World Number 1 supplier for Ephestia eggs
  • Proven to increase numbers of predatory insects on the crop
  • Can be applied directly to leaves or in Universal Release Boxes
  • Bugfood E can be combined with a wide range of predatory insects including: Oriline

Main Uses

Should be used in combination with predatory insects to strengthen preventative control programs against a range of target pests, including:

  • Whitefly
  • Thrips
  • Caterpillars

How It Works

Instructions for use

  • Open each container in the crop when ready to use. Apply directly to leaf surface or within Universal Release Boxes. Application rates should be managed depending on the crop situation and pest levels. As an approximate guide: 40-80g/week/ha for 8 weeks after release of Macroline. Contact your Bioline advisor for further advise on recommended programs.

Storage & Transport 

  • Keep frozen until ready to use
  • Keep out of direct sunlight