About Us: Bioline Agrosciences in Biocontrol

About Bioline AgroSciences

About Bioline AgroSciences in North America

With the growth of sustainable farming, Bioline Agrosciences support this increased demand by continually expanding production capacity in North America. Along with three biofactories facilities producing a high range of beneficial mites and insects. Such as P. persimilis (phytoline), A. andersoni (Anderline), A. californicus (Californiline), A. cucumeris (Amblyline), A. swirskii (Swirskiline) and among other biocontrol solutions.

Our team of biocontrol experts meet the expectations of growers by creating new innovative release systems that can make a difference in a biocontrol program.

What is Biocontrol (Biological Control)?

Biological pest control is a method of using natural resources such as predatory mites and insects that help you prevent and control pests in your crops.

Timeline of Bioline Agrosciences in the Biocontrol Industry

Bioline AgroSciences Ltd founded in 1979 in Colchester, England. In 1990, another production and distribution site opened in California, United States. The company was purchased by Ciba-Geigy AG in December 1992 and became a wholly owned subsidiary in 1995.

After the merger of Ciba and Sandoz in 1996, the company became known as Novartis BCM Limited. In 1999, a new site in Little Clacton, England  purchased and customized for insect production to cope with the increase in demand for beneficial insects in bicontrol. Later in November 2000, Novartis spun off its agricultural business to merge with Zeneca Agrochemicals to form Syngenta. Novartis BCM became known as Syngenta Bioline in January 2001.

In the meantime, Biotop was created in the 80’s, following a partnership with the French National Institute of Research (INRA) which started in the 70’s. Biotop developed then a full range of products for professional users, but also settled up a special range of beneficials for hobby gardeners.

Following in March 2016, Invivo and Bioline Agrosciences acquired Bioline business, born with the merged of Biotop.

Later in January 2019, Bioline Agrosciences and Biocolor created a joint-venture in Almeria, Spain, called Bioline Iberia.

Afterward, in May 2019, Bioline Iberia officially inaugurated with the presence of all the representatives of the region.

After that, the doors open in January 2010 for the new Bio factory located in Camarillo, CA.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to be the preferred global provider of integrated crop management solutions in biocontrol.

  • Supporting growers to maintain their yields and quality, by providing innovative tools for sustainable agriculture
  • Providing the highest quality products and technical advice, for use in Integrated Crop Management
  • Giving all of our customers an unrivaled service and the highest standards of support in biocontrol
  • Working with a network of closely allied distributors to ensure that we are a truly global biocontrol company
  • Investing in our people, because their knowledge is the key to our future
Our Mission